Too Much Sanitation could be Harming our Immunity!

Scientists are beginning to understand why autoimmune diseases are on such a steep rise ever since our bodies have become accustomed to germ-free potable water, sterile food and sanitized homes and offices.

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Top 15 Fruits for a Cool Summer

Scorching sun, sweat and dehydrated skin indicate the arrival of summer. But, there are some summer fruits in India that could make an important part of your diet and enjoy respite from scorching summer. Here are the top 15 fruits for a cool summer. These health benefits of these fruits keep you hydrated and make you competent to avoid summer health issues.

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12 Ayurvedic hacks to survive Delhi’s nasty pollution

Existing vehicular pollution in Delhi and other neighbouring cities,  is making the air condition worse. Hospitals are reporting a significant spike in respiratory conditions this week. But there are ways you can minimise the ill effects of this nasty pollution that's hurting your lungs.

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Daily Oil Massage At Home Is Beneficial For Health

A GENERATION ago, the traditional "oil bath" daily or weekly was a regular practice. It was integral to our culture, tradition and lifestyle. Not anymore. By forsaking this practice, we are ignoring a fantastic health tradition.

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Ten Ayurvedic Solutions to Help You Combat Air Pollution

Our grannies have been telling us about number ten for years!!!

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You can breathe easy!

Bronchial Asthma is known as Tomaka Shvasa in Ayurveda.

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Love, Holi, Hola And Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the element of kapha, phlegm, in the human body accumulates during  Hemanta and Shishira seasons, and  begins to melt in Vasanta.

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Ready for post-Diwali detox?

After indulging in fried foods and sweets, it’s time to help the body to recover. Ditch processed foods and opt for fruits and vegetables and lean protein

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Gum recession is problem for many

Gum recession is problem for many. Is it a problem for you? Maintain your beautiful smile naturally with a daily oral care regimen.
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Effect of Red Raisins

Effect of Red Raisins (Vitis Vinifera L.) Intake on the Level of Some Hematological Tests in a Group of Female Volunteers
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