Geriatrics or Jara cikitsa or Rasayana in Ayurveda is a method to control / slow down / arrest the aging process in the human being during the degenerative phase of one’s life.


According to Ayurveda, old age is synonymous to vata dosha due to which old age people are affected with so many health conditions associated with vata imbalance like arthritic pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression etc. The immune system gets weakened and they are more prone to diseases as compared to people of young age. Older adults typically need extra care to make up for deficiencies common in aging.

Our Old age care products not only improve overall general health, it also helps increase energy, cognition and even mood.

The old age care products are:

1) Yograj guggulu:

Yograj guggulu is a very effective nervine tonic giving strength & removing the toxins from the nervous system. Yograj guggulu can be taken on a long term basis with out any side effect.

Suggested use: – 2 tab thrice a day with milk.

2) Reme-dep:

Reme-dep is a combination of memory booster herbs like SHANKHPUSHPI, ASHWAGANDHA, VACHA and MULATHI, which guards against stress and depression, and, improves learning ability in a natural way.

Suggested use: Take one capsule twice a day after meals.