Parenting is a huge challenge!

All parents want their child to have the best of everything in the world. We all have this same thing on our mind when we become parents. As time goes by, this simple wish turns into the most complicated job of all.


We, with the help of Ayurveda lend a helping hand!

Ayurveda considers the proper care of children to be the foundation of the health of a culture. One of its eight main branches is paediatrics. Disease propensity is created by the lack of understanding and care for the unique constitution of the child.We help you know the constitution of your child and suggest things as per the seasonal and daily stresses on the health of your child. The Dosha constitution will help you know what health issues to expect and how to prevent them. Manas or psychological constitution will help you know and understand their personality traits. Take help of the resources at our disposal to manage the health of your child helping him grow into a healthy adult.