Ten Ayurvedic Solutions to Help You Combat Air Pollution

With the recent rise in air pollution and Delhi being declared the most polluted city in the world, people are panicking , and with good reason. In fact, not only Delhi but many other major ​Indian metro cities are also dealing with increased pollution levels , which has led to people installing air purifiers and buying pollution masks. Apart from these measures , there are many Ayurvedic solutions to combat air pollution , some of which are sitting in your kitchen closet. According to Ayurvedic experts , here are some home solutions to help you combat air pollution.

1.Turmeric: A well known antioxidant, it is said to help protect the lungs from toxic effects of pollutants. Mixing turmeric with ghee is a great way to relieve cough and aid during asthma attack.

2.Jaggery: Mixed with onion juice, Jaggery is an excellent expectorant and helps relieve dry cough.

3.Haritaki: Taken before bedtime and in the morning Haritaki or tropical almond , it is good for relieving phlegm.

4.Ginger: Mixed with black pepper and tulsi , it is beneficial for curing respiratory ailments.

5. Neem: Water boiled with neem leaves is excellent to help detoxify skin and hair of pollutants. Eating 2-3 leaves twice a week can help purify blood and lymphatic tissue.

6. Tulsi: Tulsi planted in the house can help absorb pollution. 10-15 ml of tulsi juice also help clears pollutants from respiratory tact.

7.Triphala: Mixed with honey , this wonder herb helps bolstering immunity and restoring balance to the system.

8.Pomegranate juice: This juice is known to purify the blood and is an excellent cardio protective .

9.Pippali: This super herb purifies the lungs and enables easy breathing.A small quantity of this powder can be added to honey or warm water for a maximum of 7 days .

10. Ghee: Putting a drop of cows ghee in every nostril every morning and at bedtime helps to keep clear of pollutants. Consuming 2-3 teaspoons of ghee daily helps combat toxic metals like lead and mercury and does not allow them to accumulate in bones ,kidney and liver.

A healthy body is also important to overcome adversity in such times. 15-30 min of Pranayam done indoors will help build immunity immensely. Regular steam and massages can also help release toxins and keep the system healthy.

Article courtesy : https://www.cosmopolitan.in/life/features/a9669/ten-ayurvedic-solutions-help-you-combat-air-pollution

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